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Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

Chemical Analysis




Deer Antler Velvet and Extract Benefits

Mental Acuity - Anti-Stress Effects - Anti-Aging

Russian scientist, Dr. Taneyeva, produced research indicating the mental capacity of students improved following the use of velvet extract prior to a mathematical test. There is also experimental evidence from Dr. Fennesey (New Zealand) which suggests the velvet preparation can protect against shock or stress. He points to Russian studies which cite that patients who have taken velvet extract prior to surgery for gastrointestinal tumors showed significantly fewer stress levels in the blood. 

Careful and well-thought out studies appear to show that velvet antler may also have anti-aging properties by reducing signs of senility, which may be attributed to its hormonal effects. 

What was thought to be an alternative treatment in the past may soon become a part of main-stream medicine as the claims of traditional practitioners are becoming validated by new scientific research.  In particular, New Zealand's unique scientific testing has piqued the interest of scientists in the west making the potential of Antler Velvet becoming as necessary as vitamins for optimal health.

Boosting the Immune System

Deer Antler Velvet is a safe and natural treatment for boosting the immune system, known as immunopotentiation, by increasing the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes). Monocytes are representative of 3.7% of the body's white blood cells and are essential to the immune function of lymph, spleen, and bone marrow. The increase in numbers serve to intensify immune function. An analysis was performed on eight New Zealand red deer extracts and this showed that extracts prepared from freeze dried antlers, harvested at the proper time, had significant immune stimulant activity. In the laboratory, it was noteworthy to find immune enhancement, even at the lowest dilution. The Pure Antler Velvet Powder is equally as effective in boosting the immune system.

 Effects on the Liver and Kidney

Velvet Antler may aid in the treatment of these diseases in a manner comparable to steroid- based pharmaceuticals. Velvet Antler, due to its Androgenic activity, which increases the production of testosterone, was used to determine its effects on the liver and kidney. Liver tissue damaged with chloroform was able to recover following Antler Velvet treatment. In follow-up studies the protein formation in both the kidney and liver was enhanced, as a result of Velvet Antler on RNS polymerase (enzyme) activity.

Anti-Tumor - Cell Growth Stimulation - Athletic Performance 

Deer Antler Velvet extracts are found to improve cell growth due to the nutrient rich and fast growing cartilage, which during investigation at AgResearch showed the cartilage contained many growth factors. After preliminary studies were completed, velvet extracts were shown not only to improve cell growth, but also showed anti-viral plus anti-tumor components. The Invermay scientists have shown that a natural hormone called "insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1" and a related hormone, IGF-2, promote growth in laboratory cells on culture plates. This group of scientists has recently shown antler cells have the capacity to create IGF themselves. Our growth hormone levels decrease as we age along with IGF-1 and the deterioration of muscle occurs. As a result, the use of deer velvet, with its natural source of IGF-1, can help keep the body slim and muscles toned. 

Cell growth stimulation is of great importance to everyone, especially athletes. The use of deer antler velvet by successful Russian Olympic athletes has attracted the attention of trainers and sports doctors worldwide. Synthetic steroids are known to be potentially harmful. As such, natural and safe alternatives are essential. Deer Antler Velvet has been proven to improve muscular strength and increase endurance. New Zealand athletes, sponsored by the Game Industry Board, tested deer velvet and found it to be a safe performance enhancer without adverse side effects. Top golfers, world record rowers, a champion tri-athlete, and other outstanding athletes attribute part of their success to velvet antler extract.

Performance Enhancer

Velvet Antler Extracts increase the production of testosterone and its metabolites. In this capacity, Antler Velvet may act in a manner that is similar to the supplement androsternedione, which was brought to light by record-holding batter Mark McGuire at the end of the 1998 baseball season. Androstenedione is a steroid precursor normally produced by the adrenal glands and gonads, and is converted to testosterone in the liver. Although no long term studies on the performance-enhancement use of androstenedione are available, manufacturers and consumers say that the steroid precursor helps to increase muscle mass and shorten recovery time following injury.

Hypertension - Red Blood Cells

In a study conducted in Japan, ten patients who received velvet antler extract noted a significant reduction in arterial blood pressure. In eight of the patients, the systolic pressure was reduced by 20-70 points and the diastolic was lowered by as much as 10-20 points. This study points to the extract being 80% effective in lowering blood pressure. Deer Antler Velvet has long been acknowledged for escalating the volume of blood and its circulation throughout the body. Research has shown that it has a powerful erythopoetic effect, which in layman's terms means that it increases the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes). 

Research conducted by physicians and pharmacists indicate that the use of Antler Velvet significantly improves the heart function, regulating heart arrhythmias and improves blood circulation.

Arthritic / Rheumatism Pain

As components of antler velvet, anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins assist in reducing the swelling associated with arthritis and injury. Glucosamine sulfate, when taken orally, has a 90% absorption rate. This combined with chondroitin sulfate has demonstrated a slow, but gradual, reduction in the pain of osteoarthritis (of which an estimated 50 million North Americans are afflicted). This combination also gradually rebuilds cartilage and improves joint mobility. Deer Antler Velvet is a natural source of these substances. Type 11 collagen has been suggested to be the major protein in velvet antler. In a trial, involving rheumatoid arthritic patients, in a double- blind study, those given Type 11 collagen for a period of three months showed significant reduction in joint swelling and pain. Four of the patients claimed complete remission, while the patients receiving a placebo reported no reduction of symptoms. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritic patients were given three months of therapy with oral Type II collagen and results were less pain, less swelling, and increased grip strength. Mobility was also increased.

Healthier Hair

After taking Velvet Antler Extract for an extended period, many of our customers have noted healthier hair and Faster growth of their hair.  This appears to be an added and previously unknown benefit of our Extract.

Is Velvet Antler a Proven Aphrodisiac?

Although velvet antler has great energy producing properties and the Russian researchers have claimed it increases wide-ranging sexual function, we are hesitant to substantiate this claim without further research data. Though we do get many customers that claim it improves their labido.

In New Zealand Game Industry Boars former chief executive Rick Christie said, "There is extensive anecdotal evidence of Velvet's effectiveness, but now we're generating some rational scientific evidence to verify those claims.  That's an important step for velvet in the international natural health market."

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