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Natural and Safe

Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

Chemical Analysis



A study conducted by the University of Montreal has shown that Velvet Antler provides significant healing benefits to dogs with osteoarthritis. Click Here for the Study

Deer Antler Velvet Pure Powder

Deer antler velvet is traditionally regarded for its powerful rejuvenating qualities. Deer antler velvet has long been appreciated as a very safe and natural supplement, prized in the Orient for over 2000 years.
  • Natural source of IGF-1 and growth hormones
  • Helps recovery from physical exertion and injury
  • Provides nutritional support for bone and joint structure and function
  • Higher energy levels
  • Increase muscular strength, endurance and lean body mass
  • Build a powerful immune system
  • Look and feel younger
  • More youthful skin and hair
  • Enhance Sexual Functioning for both men and women

Deer Antler Powder
Pure Deer Antler Velvet Powder
100 capsules per bottle.
500 mg capsules

Deer Antler Velvet is the perfect source for all the necessary nutrients required for optimal health.

Deer Antler Powder Work Out

Competitive athletes: Deer Antler Velvet is not a drug or steroid and will not cause you to fail a drug or urine test.

Deer antler velvet does not appear on the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) list of banned substances.

Deer Antler Velvet Powder is a safe and natural treatment for boosting the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells. Antler Velvet products have been shown to improve cell growth and to have anti-tumor components.

In the past, and unfortunately at the present time, steroids and other related potentially harmful medications are being used to treat arthritis with often, devastating results. These drugs mask and often exacerbate the disease over a period of time.

Deer Velvet Antler is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, potent anti-inflammatory agents with the added effects of collagen, which lubricate and help repair joints. As components of antler velvet, anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins assist in reducing the swelling associated with arthritis and injury.

Glucosamine sulfate, when taken orally, has a 90% absorption rate. This combined with chondroitin sulfate has demonstrated a slow, but gradual, reduction in the pain of osteoarthritis (of which an estimated 50 million North Americans are afflicted). This combination also gradually rebuilds cartilage and improves joint mobility.
Deer Antler Velvet is a natural source of these substances. Type 11 collagen has been suggested to be the major protein in deer velvet antler. In a trial, involving rheumatoid arthritic patients, in a double- blind study, those given Type 11 collagen for a period of three months showed significant reduction in joint swelling and pain. Four of the patients claimed complete remission, while the patients receiving a placebo reported no reduction of symptoms. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritic patients were given three months of therapy with oral Type II collagen and results were less pain, less swelling, and increased grip strength. Mobility was also increased. Southern Cross Velvet Deer Antler  Powder Human Body

Deer Antler Velvet and Effects on the Liver and Kidney

Deer Antler Velvet may aid in the treatment of these diseases in a manner comparable to steroid- based pharmaceuticals. Deer Velvet Antler, due to its Androgenic activity (which increases the production of testosterone), was used to determine its effects on the liver and kidney. Liver tissue damaged with chloroform was able to recover following Antler Velvet treatment. In follow-up studies the protein formation in both the kidney and liver was enhanced as a result of deer antler velvet on RNS polymerase (enzyme) activity.


Insulin like Growth Factor I (IGF-1)
Insulin like Growth Factor II (IGF-2)
Transforming Growth Factor Alpha
TGF Beta (Transforming Growth Factor Beta)
erythrotoietin (a stimulant for red blood cell growth)
Leutienizing hormone stimulant
Epidermal Growth Factor
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Nerve Growth Factor
Neurotrophin Growth Factor 3
Fibroblast Growth Factor (3 types)
Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4
Related growth co-factors
Supplement Facts Deer antler Velvet Powder Supplement
Nutritional Facts:

Superior natural source for growth factor hormones IGF-1, IGF-2, amino acids, prostaglandin, glucosamine, and contain the trace minerals iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium,calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur and phosphorus.

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