What Can the “Best Deer Antler Velvet” Do For You?

Posted on December 11, 2013

image02With deer antler velvet doing rounds in the sports world after the awesome comeback of the Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, professional athletes and sports buffs are clamoring to get their hands on this miracle supplement.

Deer antler velvet has been known to be used in China and parts of Asia for thousands of years and is being worked upon by research workers currently to unveil valuable benefits, apart from the traditional medicinal uses. Recent studies reveal one of the best deer antler velvets to be found, is from the red deer of New Zealand.

How are New Zealand Deer Antlers Superior?

Deer antlers obtained from New Zealand’s red deer grasslands were compared to some of the traditionally best antler producing regions, namely those of Russia and China. The comparison unveiled more or less similar levels of minerals, with a superior amount of lipid content in the New Zealand antlers.

Moreover, unlike their Canadian and USA counterparts, New Zealand red deer and elk are free from detrimental Wasting Disease.

The deer antler velvet products exported from New Zealand go through rigorous tests complying with government and industry quality standards prior to the shipment. New Zealand deer antler velvet has also depicted a phenomenal growth of 2 cm per day, which accounts for its immense nutritional content.

What Can the Best Deer Antler Velvet Do for You?

New Zealand’s deer antler velvet, when harvested at the right time, can offer you numerous health benefits. Some of them are:

Treat Arthritis and Osteoporosis: As you grow old, your bones tend to weaken with the result that many, especially women, will experience bone and cartilage issues like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

The presence of glucosamine sulfate, glycosaminoglycan’s, chondroitin sulfate and many more beneficial compounds make deer antler velvet an effective aid for such problems, while Type 2 Collagen content is helpful for elastic cartilage formation. Deer antler velvet is used for treating calcium deficiency and enhancing bone regeneration.  Deer antler velvet also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties helping with inflammation.

Anti-aging properties: If you are frowning about the early appearance of wrinkles or other age-associated disorders, this supplement has proved its value in helping cell regeneration and improving repair of nerve tissues.

This is possible because of the presence of high levels of insulin-like growth factors IGF-1 and IGF-2, which are used for a variety of disorders, stress-reduction, enhancing memory, recovery from injuries and increasing energy.

Health and Sexual Benefits: The supplement has been claimed to be helpful for treating urinary tract infections, learning disabilities, and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control and help maintain cardiovascular health. Deer antler powder, and deer antler extracts are also taken extensively by Russians to improve athletic performance in there Olympic programs, medical use in hospitals, military and police programs.

Kidney and Liver Issues: Liver and kidney damaged due to chloroform has shown positive recovering effects with consumption of deer antler velvet, which acted on RNS polymerase and enhanced protein formation.

For Pets:

Pets are no less a part of your family and just like humans require utmost attention to ensure a happy and healthy life. Best deer antler supplements help pets recover faster from injuries, enhance muscular strength and agility, aids in proper functioning of kidney and developing lean body mass and help build a strong immune system. Dogs often become victims of osteoporosis especially as they age.

Deer Antler Velvet is great for support for such bone issues and osteoarthritis and studies have shown to help with mobility in dogs used as a natural dog supplement.

Although not all the above benefits of the best deer antler velvet have been scientifically proven, users have indeed testified to its values related to treatment and alleviation of various ailments. The best fact is that it is completely safe without any detrimental side effects making deer antler velvet from New Zealand a coveted supplement.