What Are The Health Benefits Of Deer Antler Velvet?

Posted on June 9, 2014

Senior couple smiling portrait outdoorsMade of all natural ingredients, deer antler velvet can offer a wide variety of health benefits to users. From joint health to libido, deer antler velvet has been helping people live happier and healthier for 1000’s of years. One of the biggest benefits to using deer antler velvet is that it’s an all-natural product. You’re not loading your body up with lots of synthetic junk.

Deer antler velvet, like it sounds, is derived from the antlers of deer during the velvet stage. The velvet actually covers the cartilage and bone of the antler that contains hundreds of different vitamins and minerals. During the velvet stage the antlers are removed capturing all the beneficial minerals, vitamins, amino acids and growth factors. Below you will find a few of the most prominent health benefits from using deer antler velvet:

Immune System:

Our immune system is one of the most important functions of our body. It keeps us healthy and prevents disease. Deer antler velvet has proven in the past to help improve the immune system of users with weakened systems due to disease or age.

Joint Health:

Two essential compounds found in deer antler velvet are Chondroitin and Glucosamine. Both of these compounds help to stimulate the production of cartilage while Collagen and Prostaglandin (also found in deer antler velvet) help relieve joint pain by lubricating the affected area.

Heart Health:

Two other nutrients that can be found in deer antler velvet are potassium and selenium. Both of these nutrients are proven to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Athletic Performance:

Another powerful compound you will find in deer antler velvet are IGF’s or insulin-like growth factors. These proteins feature a sequence similar to insulin and trigger similar cellular responses. Deer Antler Velvet has been shown to help reduce recovery times and aid in the recovery after surgery. Increase in testosterone and red and white blood cell carrying oxygen. Deer Antler Velvet studies have also shown around a 10% increase in strength and endurance.

IGF or Insulin-like Growth Factors:

Deer antler velvet is known to contain several different IGF’s including IGF-1 and 2. IGF-1 can help your body turn glucose in your blood into energy. This can be an effective treatment for people with high blood glucose levels. IGF-1 is also known to help with nerve damage. Damaged nerves can be incredibly painful but IGF-1 can work to repair the damage.


Deer antler velvet is reported to improve libido by increasing testosterone in male users. Rather than taking Viagra or some other pharmaceutical, deer antler velvet can improve libido naturally. We have had feedback from many customers over the years that deer antler has improved there libido.

In summary, deer antler velvet can offer a wide variety of unique health benefits to you. If you think it might be right for you, consider checking out our high quality deer antler velvet products from our original deer antler powder and deer antler extract in capsules to our advanced delivery systems, deer antler spray and deer antler fizz tablets exclusively from Southern Cross Velvet. Check out our full product line to find the right delivery system for you.