Deer Velvet Antler For An Athletic Physique

Posted on July 24, 2013

Antler velvet is the product derived from the antlers of budding male deer, just before the calcification phase. It is harvested without causing any harm to the animals and contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and a full gamut of amino acids and anti-inflammatory elements.

Deer velvet antler was first initiated in China, 2,000 years ago as a therapeutic treatment for several conditions and ailments including sterility, inflammation in the joints and cases of hypertension.

Additionally, conventional medicines also have used velvet antler to perk up mental attentiveness and memory, enhance immune system, bring about fast healing and revival from injury, slowing the aging process, bringing in balanced iron levels, enhancing libido in both sexes, and restoring joint health.

 deer velvet antler

Deer Velvet Antler Use on Professional Sports Persons

Antler velvet augments muscle mass and potency, endurance, and brings about faster recuperation from exercise injuries in athletes. The increase in vigor helps athletes to get strength to smash new records at various international events against their competitors.

 Components in Antler Velvet to Help Build a Sportsman’s Physique

  • Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & Collagen

Deer antler velvet, an authentic natural resource of glucosamine is used in treating osteoarthritis. Glucosamine, together with chondroitin and collagen bring about the desired effect.

  • IGF-1 and IGF-2

Deer antler velvet also contains growth factors, including Insulin growth factor one IGF-1, which is created in the liver as a reaction to the stimulation of human growth hormone (HGH). These along with other related growth factors,upshot muscle mass and stamina.

Decrease in Levels of Natural Hormones

The decrease in levels of testosterones or androgens and growth hormones initiates at the age of 20, with a further significant decrease at the age of 30. This potentially causes weakness, additional recovery time after strenuous physical exercise or weight training modules, lessened lean muscles, along with gain of extra weight.

Thus, it becomes imperative for athletes to use antler velvet supplements to escalate the right development factors.

The benefits of IGF and HGH

IGF stimulates development of fresh cells and beefiness, healing and curing.It decreases fat, andaugments muscle mass. The muscles recover faster from injury and tend to be strong and healthy with the rise of IGF in the bloodstream.

 deer velvet antler

IGF promotes the absorption of glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin to sustain strong ligaments, bones, tendons, and joints.

Antler velvet is a key element in building an athletic physique and performance. It augments physical ability along with improved mental capacity.

Antler velvet amplifies testosterone hormone and increases the oxygenation of blood, which bring about increased resilience and stamina in athletes.

The rich constituents of the product including amino acids, essential mineral substance, along with growth initiators make it a compulsory natural supplement for a sportsman.The supplement has been used as a part of training regimens for decades with great success, as it certainly gives athletes a confidence to challenge their opponents in the game!

Deer velvet antler from Southern Cross Velvet is something you should certainly give a try.